When to Tiered Pricing and How?

Have you used tiered pricing for your digital products? There are great deals of pricing strategies you can utilize, but tiered pricing tends to be among the most effective.

tiered pricing

Here, we’ll show you the tiered pricing that you can use. You will also discover how to do it effectively.

What Is Tiered Pricing?

Tiered pricing is offering in a different way valued packages. You will provide a total price for the product, after that enhanced prices for more extensive packages.

Say you sell online courses. The introductory rate would undoubtedly consist of access to the system. After that, you could produce two additional rates, each offering something extra at an extra cost. The center rate could consist of course access, together with other sources. Finally, one of the most expensive packages could be the course, references, and one-to-one e-mail mentoring.

This is simply a fundamental instance, but it allows you to market your products to a lot bigger client base.

When Might It Show Useful?

Tiered pricing can be advantageous if you are selling to a broad range of customers. The different prices will attract various buyers. For instance, not everybody will have the cash to spend on your highest package deal. So, they could decide to spend in your primary, lower-cost package instead.

Giving customers options tends to exercise genuinely well. People want to choose the solution they receive. So, if you provide a choice, they’re more most likely to purchase the very least among your packages.

How Can You Use It?

There is a lot of various ways you can utilize tiered pricing. However, one of the most effective tends to be offering a three-tier system.

It consists of an actual quote, then a high-priced advanced option (as in the example above). The basic package is likely to be your most effective as it is accessible to everybody. The advanced possibility should be advertised as the ideal option, providing everything the client needs. That finally, the expensive option should offer a total, excessive solution that exceeds what the client needs.

The great point about this tiered option is that it attracts everybody. You will have the opportunity to earn huge sales with your expensive option, but you will not lose out on the customers that can’t always afford that option today.

Another way to offer tiered pricing is to bundle products with each other. These are known as amount rates. The more the client purchases, the more of a discount rate they obtain. This works better for products instead compared to digital solutions. This kind of pricing is known as quantity pricing, and it just works better than tiered pricing on limited products.


As you know, tier pricing offers even more benefits. It is simpler to integrate compared to what you might think too. You can constantly inspect your competitors to obtain an idea of the kinds of tiered prices they offer.

If you are looking to increase the chances of producing a sale while attractive to a large client base, this pricing can be incredibly effective.


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