When is the Right Time to Offer Free Products

When is the Right Time to Offer Free Products – If you are looking to boost sales of your digital products, freebies can often work marvels. Serving as a reward to buyers, they have the potential to truly own your sales.

Right Time to Offer Free Products

However, freebies aren’t constantly the best option. Such as every kind of pricing strategy, there are advantages and disadvantages of offering them. Read on discover how to determine when to offer freebies for your customers when to avoid them.

When to Offer product Freebies

There are a variety of circumstances where freebies can show benefit for your business. These consist of when:

• You’re attempting to develop traffic
• You want to increase brand name trust
• You want to boost sales

Freebies have the tendency to produce a great deal more traffic for your website. If you are using your social media and blog site networks, you will see a considerable increase in your website traffic. Of course, this does not imply these site visitors will purchase from you, but it does increase the chances of producing more conversions.

Offering freebies can also develop rely on your brand name. This is particularly real if the giveaway you’re offering provides useful information. If you offer a free test or snippet of your product, it also gives customers a chance to test out the product before buying.

This provides a degree of openness which is incredibly important in today’s companies. Customers want to purchase from companies they can trust.

You can also offer freebies to boost sales. Say you run a website design business. By offering a free template, it shows customers what you can. When the moment comes for them to revamp their website, they will remember your free example’s quality and be a lot more most likely to hire you to work on their website.

When Should not You Offer Them?

Now you know the potential benefits that can be given for free. However, it is also important to know when not to offer free products.

The point to keep in mind is that freebies are designed to improve sales. They should be used as an advertising strategy. This means not giving your whole product away free of charge.

Besides, why would someone certainly buy your product if they’ve received it at no cost? So, if you are selling an eBook, for instance, instead of handing out the whole point, provide free snippets. Or you can offer your customers a free sheet of paper when they buy the ebook.

You will also want to limit the variety of freebies you provide. If you continuously offer freebies, your customers will come to anticipate them. So, when you do offer them, make certain you do so for limited time durations and do not offer too many in a brief space of time.


Freebies do have the potential to deliver a lot of great benefits to companies. However, they can also be possibly damaging if you do not plan them tactically.

You need to earn certain they’re providing worth, but that they do not give too a lot away. Make an effort to research the various kinds of freebies you can produce and decide which work better for your business.


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