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How to Send an Email For Beginners

Are you looking for a guide on how to send an email? Here is a detailed tutorial on sending emails and everything you need to know.

How to Send an Email For Beginners

Do you want to send an email and have no idea where to start? Or perhaps you know how to send emails but want some tips on curating better emails. We're here to help.

How to send an email may seem like a simple job, but sending great emails isn't. The next time you want to communicate via email, you will recognize it takes greater than knowing the recipient and a message to share. Here is how to send a great email.

What Do You Require for Sending an Email?

Before we show you how to send an email, you need to satisfy specific requirements. For sending an email, you will need an account with among the available email providers (we will use Gmail), a web connection, a computer or a mobile device, and the recipient's email address.

How to Send an Email With Gmail

Suppose you do not have an email account yet; set up an account with Gmail or with among the popular options to Gmail. Once done, we can continue to the next step, producing an email message.

1. Login Right into Your Email Account

For Gmail, go to and enter your qualifications to sign in to your email account.

2. Create a Blank Email

Next, start making up an email that will be sent out in the future. Tap the compose switch to create a blank email. The compose switch is available on the left-hand side of the Gmail website, and it hangs under the right-hand side of the mobile application.

3. Enter the Recipient's Email Address

The recipient email address is the address of the individual you want to send your email to. If there is greater than one recipient, you can use CC or BCC.

With CC, all recipients will see the list of various other recipients. A recipient cannot see various other recipients of the same email in a BCC list unless they're consisted of under CC.

To include recipients in Gmail online, tap the Recipients area, enter a recipient email and select CC or BCC to include greater than one recipient. If you are using the Gmail application on mobile (Android or iOS), enter your first recipient under To and tap the downward-facing arrowhead to expose CC and BCC areas.

Please pay attention to the email address to avoid sharing the message with the wrong people.

4. Write the Subject of the Email

The subject of the email should summarize what the email has to do with. For better outcomes, ensure the subject reflects the components of the email. Be very specific and succinct.

Besides, the subject should be appealing for better chances of obtaining the recipient to open up your email. Using email acronyms for subject lines can help you but use them wisely and appropriately.

5. Curate Your Email Message

This is where you have to put everything you want the recipient or recipients to know thoroughly. But before you put out your message, start with an appropriate welcoming.

For instance, when writing professional emails, you should avoid "Dear" or "Hi." Also, maintain your message succinctly, use proper rules, and format your email properly (proceed reading to find out more on format).

It is essential to learn the various ways of writing professional emails, and you can lean on various internet tools to help you write better emails in situations of any difficulties.

6. Finish With a Sign-Off

Email messages use sign-offs to note the completion of an email. Because of this, you should constantly include a sign-off. Depending upon the kind of email, you should consider certain criteria while writing a sign-off.

Consider these tips when signing off an email:

  • Use your full name.
  • Use an appropriate shutting. Consider among the best professional email sign-offs for job-related emails.
  • Include your professional titles and various other contact information. These are not a must, but it does not hurt to include them.
  • A signature can be an and also as well.

7. Attach Files if Needed

Do you need to share files via email? Currently is the perfect time to include such. Including files can be necessary for job application processes where CVs and resumes are essential.

But, before attaching data, it is often suggested to let the recipient know in the email body that you have attached data near the bottom of the message.

How to Attach Files in Gmail

On the Gmail application for mobile, tap the paperclip symbol on top, select Attach file or Place from Own, and after that select the file to be attached.

When triggered online, click the paperclip symbol to submit data kept on your computer or click Google Own to submit data kept in your Google Own account.

Various email providers can have restrictions on the maximum file dimension of accessories. For Gmail, 25MB is the maximum, but you can bypass the limit by submitting your files to Google Own first.

If you want to send greater than one file, duplicate the same treatment.

8. Format and Proofread Your Email

Before striking the send switch, format your email properly by ensuring everything is of the same font style dimension, and kind. Inspect the positioning is correct and indentation And finally, ensure the message exists in a manner that improves readability.

Gmail allows you to format your emails using an integrated Format Options switch. Simply select the format switch (A that's underlined) to see the various ways you can format your email message in Gmail. You can change font style kinds, dimensions, strong your message, highlight, change text color, and so on.

Finally, undergo your email from top to bottom to ensure the recipient's address is correct, and the email is free of grammatical and semantic mistakes. Proofreading emails before sending cannot be overemphasized.

9. Send Your Email

If everything appearances great, it is time to send your email. Tap the Send switch to send the email. But if you want the email to be sent out later on, after that find out how to schedule an email in Gmail.

Understand How to Communicate via Email

Knowing how to send emails is a great ability because it is an important medium of interaction. While there is been a relocation towards instant messaging systems, email is still admired, particularly in work environments.

The next time you are sending an email, maintain these tips in mind.